Tools for Universe, Unidata, D3, and QM Databases

XLr8Editor for Universe, Unidata, D3 and QM Basic Programs

This editor is a full screen editor that allows you to view includes, subroutines, and other source code at a touch of the mouse. Color code reserved words, multiple undo levels, code formatter, and many more features. Here is a compile screen shot. If you have hundreds or thousands of programs the ability to filter is shown here. The ability locate variables is a simple as double click on the variable in question. Additionally, this is what a search would look like through your entire Unibasic directory. This editor is the only Eclipse plug-in that is SOX complaint. Using our U2WebLink and our XLr8 Subroutines capture when the records are updated, time updated, by whom, what file, and what record. See this example. The only Eclipse based editor to support Version control

XLr8Dictionary Editor for U2 database files

This dictionary editor is a program that allows you to see the entire dictionary in a single form. No more need to print out the dictionary to find and change the particular fields you want. You can do this from a single grid form. There are 7 wizards to speed data entry of each type of dictionary item.

XLr8Developer for creating web pages in pure HTML and JavaScript

This web developer allows programmers and even users to create web forms with little knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. This is a simple point and click interface that is grid based so forms look perfectly formatted from day one. Here is an example of a filtered lookup. To handle sub-values or detail records we have a grid within a grid. Here are examples of what different layouts can look like.

XLr8Object Editor translates U2 attributes to web objects

This object editor program is an essential part of the web development effort. All objects that show up on a form must be defined here. They can be either string objects or fields. The latter is tied to a dictionary item.

XLr8Installer create scripts for Universe or Unidata installs

This installer creates an XML file used to capture the files, dictionaries, programs, and even data that you are using to build a release.

XLr8Resizer for Universe and Unidata files that you can afford!

This resize tool is one that no U2 shop can be complete without this tool. You can gather statistics, resize a single file, resize selected files, and perform many other options. Additionally, we have added the ability to export the commands, save history, graph history, run resizing later through the job processing software.

XLr8Reporter interface for Business Information and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

This is an ODA interface to use a Eclipse based tool called BIRT. BIRT is used by over 2.5 million programmers world wide for creating reports. The ODA interface allows U2 programmers to have access to one of the premier reporting tools. Check out our data sheet.

U2Weblink™ middleware for Apache Tomcat

This middleware is the premier middleware that is based on open source data format used by Google and Yahoo called JSON. This middleware runs on Apache Tomcat using UniObjects for Java to talk to the U2 databases.
XLr8Replicator is part of U2WebLink™ and allows a single publisher and multiple subscribers. This is all built in to the Java code and allows seamless Web enabled applications to have a backup server for reporting or fail over. You can incorporate this technology into any of your code by calling our UniBasic subroutine to capture writes and deletes.